Premiere: Saticöy Reveal Latest Single “Read Receipts” Ft. Jay Ham

Written by Ashley Friedman

Since relocating from Ohio to LA, knockout trio, Saticöy, has been nothing short of unstoppable with their rhythm and rhymes. Today, they follow through with that trend in their latest single, “Read Receipts,” a song about recognizing, learning from & not putting up with any bullshit.

Their sound is a mix between the Jonas Brothers and Gym Class Heroes; They’ve got that boy band vibe, with a touch of badass. Like their last single, “Nice To Know,” released earlier this year, “Read Receipts” dives deep into a past event that has made an impact on the band in some way. In this case, it was an old business partner who went from sweet to sour.

“Read Receipts was written to sound like it’s about a romantic relationship, but in reality it’s about a business partner that, we as a band, were involved with early in our career.

– Saticöy

At the beginning of the song, we are immediately hit with the verse, “I’ve had about enough of the fake ass shit that you throw at me…” It sets the tone for the entire piece; it isn’t a track that sugarcoats getting screwed over, but rather a ‘here is exactly what happened and yeah, we’re going to talk about it.’ The title “Read Receipts” is almost like the band totaled up what happened and in the end, realized that there was nothing but “promised profits with empty pockets.”


“He made false promises and took advantage of us creatively and financially. When we called him out on those false promises, instead of owning up to them, he doubled down. So we cut ties.”

– Saticöy

The song features Jay Ham, a rapper that undoubtedly sounds so much like Travie McCoy. Everything starting at, “Cause if I don’t put up my guard then who would / I know you’d probably break it down given the chance if you could…” gives me that legendary “Ass Back Home” Travie vibe.

Throughout the song, we’re hit with an urban-pop melody on the electric guitar complemented by a simple, but catchy beat on the drums. In a way, it almost has a funk feel to it, but with a modern twist.

If you were ever blindsided in a personal or business relationship, then you have to listen to this song; it’s everything you wanted to say and more.

Listen to the Saticöy Ft. Jay Ham track “Read Receipts” exclusively below!

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