Written by Ashley Friedman

You may know Samantha Marie Ware from the hit Netflix show “What/If” with Renée Zellweger or maybe you know her from “Glee” as Jane Hayward. Either way, aside from being a brilliant actress, she’s also an amazing singer. Today, Samantha shows off that songstress talent by premiering her latest music video for single “Westtown.”

When it comes to her songwriting process, she may not be committed to a ritual of any kind, but she does believe that “persistence is key to productivity.” Typically, it’s during her morning coffee or when she is traveling that lyrics are top of mind. Forher latest single, “Westtown,” Samantha brings to life, lyrically and on-screen, the idea of that I want you, you want me, but I can’t touch you vibe, better known as the platonic relationship between friends.

“[It] eventually ends with a realization that all this weight of others’ problems could potentially kill us if we don’t let go,” says Samantha. The singer not only wrote the song, but also produced, directed and casted the entire music video. Did we say how multi-talented she is?

The video for “Westtown” is, as Samantha puts it, “…rather theatrical in that funky sense.” The visuals for the video happened over a 12-hour span and are a representation of what it’s like to be in Hollywood. “[It’s] one of the craziest simulations I’ve been apart of/played,” comments Samantha. “The cast and crew were filled with friends of friends who were mainly artists of color.” She continues with…

“As a black woman out here, I feel a lot of others’ projections on what kind of artist I should be, how I should even speak or carry myself. The vignettes we see in the piece are eluding to classic eras of the diaspora. So, I technically put myself in a few boxes just to showcase that wherever you feel the need to place me, I’ve been there and I’ve done that. It’s an introduction of sorts. Another side of myself as an artist. Something I get to claim as my own.”

– Samantha Ware

Samantha has a folder of songs, visuals and projects tucked away that will “probably never see the light,” as she puts it, but comments further by saying that “Westtown is like the… tip of the iceberg.”

Finding a “sound” takes time and finding collaborators who are willing to sit and do the work with you takes time. And mostly, I’m just an artist and really sensitive about my shit.  But, sooner or later, you kinda have to jump off the cliff and grow your wings.”

– Samantha Ware

Aside from her being multi-talented, it’s Samantha’s drive and overall state of mind that really stands out to me. If you check out her Instagram, you’ll see that the singer/songwriter is free-spirited, but strong-minded; She knows her worth and she won’t accept anything less than what she deserves, at least that’s the vibe I get. I love that and I feel like it’s something that she instills in her fans… to be independent, to be you.

As for what she wants fans to take away from this new song & video, she says. “Whatever they would like. That’s not for me to control. Objectivity!”

Whether it’s Samantha Marie Ware, the Broadway/TV&Film actress/Writer, or Samantha the singer, actually known as SAMEYA (SUHMAY-YUH) to “mean, uplifted or sublime,” all we know is that whatever moniker she is under, it’s multi-talented, it’s multi-faceted and it’s forever worth your time to keep an eye on.

Check out Samantha Marie Ware, also known as SAMEYA’s music video for “Westtown” below!

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