Rising Amsterdam based electro-pop artist Ruben Pol shares video for new single “Painting Mirrors”

Rising Amsterdam based electro-pop artist Ruben Pol shares video for new single “Painting Mirrors”

Amsterdam based Ruben Pol today shares the video for new single ‘Painting Mirrors’, the first music to be heard since his breakthrough ‘Infused Romance’ EP released earlier this year. Ruben Pol’s brand of celestial electronic pop music is one that has already captured the hearts of many across Europe and further afield.

New single ‘Painting Mirrors’ finds Pol moving through the gears, both from a songwriting and production standpoint. Carried by a crisp, organic drum pattern, its blend of warm synths and reverb-glazed guitar work is the perfect backdrop to his crystalline vocals.

‘I’m holding back the truth / now I’m back to painting mirrors in my room’ Pol sings – illustrating a scenario where someone is hiding their true self, in order to protect not only themselves but their partner too. The track reflects the tension created when love is pulling on one side and a difficult truth pulling on the other; that they’re not ready open their heart and love someone fully.

Speaking a little more on the track, Ruben Pol said this: “Love can be blinding and it can make you do crazy, sometimes reckless things. I myself am guilty of this too. The urge to be with someone can be so strong it damages the very thing that you are chasing, love itself.


Originally brought up in a small village to the south of Amsterdam, Ruben recalls the music of Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, and The Police sound-tracking his early years as a child. It wasn’t until he moved to Amsterdam that he began to really find his sound. Building a community of likeminded friends and musicians – all wanting to push the boundaries of their art, Ruben quickly realised exactly what sort of music he wanted to make.

“I want people to feel and live the music,” Ruben muses. “It’s incredibly special when I hear that a song of mine has helped someone overcome personal struggles, or touched them in some way. It is a very special form of connection to experience as a musician, especially since for most of my life I have been on the ‘listeners side’.”

Accumulating more than 2 million streams for his debut EP ‘Infused Romance’, 2020 will see Ruben continue to release music – as well as continuing his global work schedule as a model, which has already seen him working with brands including Dior, Gucci, Calvin Klein and Burberry. It’s an exciting time for young Ruben, with plenty more to come from him over the next 12 months, no doubt.