At 22, she has managed to top Billboard 100 charts with some of the biggest names in music today like The Chainsmokers and Logic. Now, Elizabeth Mencel aka Rozes is venturing out on her own with her latest single, Under The Grave.

Liz started off at a young age singing and playing along to Disney songs, and then later performed in her high school talent shows where she sang her original songs. With such a positive reaction to her original music from the very beginning, Liz has managed to stay consistent with writing and performing. Today Rozes finds herself singing along with power vocalists like Adele and Sia. “They allow themselves to be vulnerable (in their music),” Liz says, something that she looks up to when writing her own music.

Following her performance with well-known Australian DJ, Justin Gent, Liz was contacted by another big name in the industry, The Chainsmokers. “It’s kind of funny, the week before the group contacted me, I had said to my friend I want to do something with like The Chainsmokers. It’s just like the universe is listening to me.”

Liz was sent a bunch of tracks by the group, created different concepts for each track and then went into the studio with the group and vibed from there.After her collaboration with The Chainsmokers, the hit single ‘Roses’ was born and Liz found herself center stage on hit late night shows James Corden and Jimmy Fallon. “OMG it was a dream come true, my whole life I would stay awake to see (music) artists on the late night shows. Realizing that these people are now my peers, I am still fangirling at heart.”

Liz admits that performing live, especially live on TV, is one of the most vulnerable moments she has experienced thus far. “That’s when you give it all you’ve got. You’re stepping into the industry.”

Her most recent single, ‘Under The Grave’ is a personal and emotional song for Liz. “I kind of masked behind it, I wanted it to come out with a bang and introduce a new sound. She goes on to say, “The song is saying I’m sorry to people I’ve never been there for, we all react (differently) to certain situations.”

Following the debut of her single, Rozes released her first music video. “I wanted to portray something where it’s like just me, how I get into my songs, and finally put a face to the name Rozes.”

New to fame, Liz tells us that she has been waiting for this moment. “I think right now, I’m still adjusting, but I have such a great team behind me.” Liz goes on to tell us that the ultimate goal would be to perform at Madison Square Garden, performing her most intimate songs in front of thousands of her most amazing fans.

Writing is my escape, people are listening and people care what I have to say.” Liz says. Her advice for upcoming musicians is to, “keep going at it and putting things out there. Social media — that’s how people find you, most artists don’t make it because they give up too earlier, it has to be your one and only love.”

Check out Rozes latest single, ‘Under The Grave’ here.

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