Many new artists struggle to get just a few songs fully finished to put out for the world’s ears to ever hear. Rini K is on a different page with three successful singles already released and her full 10-song album dropping on May 29th.

6n7 has been a labor of love since 2017 when Rini was just 11. She spent one year writing the songs and then began recording them on Apple’s GarageBand. Later on, she re-recorded all of the tracks using Logic Pro X and, by then, had also added to her repertory of instruments purchased using birthday and Christmas gift money. She realized she had the capabilities to create full pop sessions and the album really took shape along with her love of music production.

“Being an artist is fun, but I’m also really loving delving into the entire creative and business process. I want this entire album to be all me.”

Fast forward to 2020 and the entire album is indeed all Rini! She wrote, recorded, engineered, and mastered all of the tracks entirely on her own. Inspiration to her comes from artists such as Halsey, Sia, and Ellie Goulding.

Her sound fits into its own space, however, and has a refreshing new take. All of the songs sound different while remaining true to the genre which is, many times, something that is difficult for new artists to achieve on a debut endeavor.

The title “6n7” comes from the fact the songs were written during Rini’s 6th and 7th grades in school, but the meaning goes much deeper than the actual years. Much of it comes from various places such as self-discovery during adolescence, personal experiences, or experiences of close friends or family members. Rini told some listeners recently, “Real-life scenarios are essential to build a connection with my fans who may be going through similar things.”

With incredible maturity and a relatable persona, Rini K is increasing her fanbase internationally every day. She’s a true stand out among other new artists for her raw honesty and multifaceted talent. It will be an interesting ride watching this young artist/entrepreneur on her journey.

Presave Rini K’s 6n7 here.