Today, Seattle artist Richie Dagger’s Crime releases their second single “Here Before” off of their long-awaited debut album, Sea of Dysfunction. Sea of Dysfunction follows last year’s Tenderness EP and will be released on October 12th, with a release show at the Sunset on the 11th.

Richie Dagger’s Crime (RDC) is the Seattle based project of Richie Nelson that involves a breadth of R&B stylings, ranging from acoustic Soul to psychedelic funk and ambient-Pop electronics. Nelson’s classical training and unconventional production techniques define the immersive and genre-skipping experience as we see in the latest single “Here Before.”

“I began ‘Here Before’ sometime in early 2014. At the time, I was mesmerized by the repetition of the guitar melody and the way it intensified the lyrics. One day at my studio I was messing around with a glockenspiel and sampler and accidentally reconstructed the melody,” says band’s frontman Richie Nelson. “It was all somewhat haphazard, but mainly I pursued the song having fun discovering how to make sequences on my sampler. The song evolved subconsciously and I added new melodies as I honed it for a looping solo performance I was doing at the time. You can see an example of that performance hereI grew more personally connected to the song over time and it began to represent my own experience growing older and the deep grief that comes with becoming an adult in the world.”

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