The award-winning Ohio-based country chart-topper and founder of the Love Tattoo Foundation has released his latest radio single, “Starting Now.”

In his new single release, the self-penned “Starting Now,” Lynch tells the true-to-life story of a person’s road to recovery and redemption through Jesus Christ. The single officially hit radio airwaves this week!

“The song tells the story of someone overcoming addiction and homelessness by turning his life over to the Lord,” says Lynch. “A lot of us know or are related, to someone in that situation. I know someone who had been an alcoholic from a very young age. It led them to some dark places…a very tumultuous life. I pray that this song can give people, who are struggling, or know someone who is, some hope. I want to let them know that God can sort it out for them, if they just give it to Him.”

Watch the video for “Starting Now” here.