Real Stormin Norman’s Latest Album “Euphoria” Pays Homage To Big Band Jazz

Real Stormin Norman’s Latest Album “Euphoria” Pays Homage To Big Band Jazz

(New York City, NY) January 13, 2022 – Norman Zamcheck, artistically known as Real Stormin Norman, has been dazzling audiences on the live music scene in New York City with his blended jazz, blues, latin, and rock sound since the 1970’s.

Inspired by the jazz of New Orleans, jazz of the 1940’s and 1950’s, as well as Dr. John and Huey Lewis and the News, Real Stormin Norman takes no prisoners when it comes to performing. He has an innate ability to get everyone moving, on their feet, and talking about his presence.

Real Stormin Norman just released his newest EP entitled Euphoria. This 6 song album is an homage to big band jazz and the sounds of New Orleans, which is rooted into his own style. He has an ensemble to back him, consisting of Genevieve Faivre who lends her soulful vocals, rising jazz superstar Jonathan Saraga on the trumpet and doing the arrangements, Russian bass master Arthur Sadowsky, and drummer Tobias Ralph, who is acclaimed as “one of the best drummers in America” by Drummers World.

The album reflects the driving rhythms of the rock ensembles he toured with for years around the Northeast, giving his style another level of uniqueness. He takes musical inspiration from time and many genres. His music wisdom is beyond that of any other musician.


Listen to Euphoria here