RALPH shares bittersweet new single “Last Time” from upcoming EP “Fantasies & Flashbacks”

RALPH shares bittersweet new single “Last Time” from upcoming EP “Fantasies & Flashbacks”

Today, RALPH (née Raffa Weyman) shares her new EP single, “Last Time,” having just wrapped up her Canadian tour as direct support for Carly Rae Jepsen. Consistent with the danceability of RALPH’s vintage pop discography, Last Time grooves with a mid-tempo beat and pulsating synths, though an undercurrent of bittersweetness prevails.


RALPH says about the inspiration for Last Time: “We all know break ups are brutal. You miss your ex like crazy and spend so much time and energy trying to get over them, regardless of who broke up with whom. But when you inevitably see them at a bar or at a party, you’re suspended in this dreamy moment where the only thing that matters is touching them again and reliving those familiar moments of tenderness and passion. ‘Last Time’ is about ignoring that inner voice saying “don’t do it” because even though you know giving in will make everything more complicated, the temptation is too sweet.” 

“Last Time” is the third single from RALPH’s upcoming EP titled ‘Fantasies & Flashbacks’ (due November 13th), joining “No Muss No Fuss” and “Gravity.”


The “No Muss No Fuss” video directed by Gemma Warren depicts RALPH dancing with exuberant confidence in her best 90s ‘fits as she sings about cheekily brushing off a creepy ex. “Gravity” leans into an indelible 90s house groove interspersed with funky, syncopated keys; carefully crafted beats; and RALPH’s crystalline-as-ever vocal. The music video was animated by NYC-via-Toronto multidisciplinary artist Amika Cooper  (AKA Blackpowerbarbie), who is well-versed in illustration, collage, 2D animation. It caught the attention of Drag Race star Kim Chi, who shared the song on her Instagram.

RALPH’s debut 2018 album A Good Girl (released via 604 Records) has amassed over 6 million Spotify streams to date. The 10-track release granted RALPH a nomination for Best New Canadian Artist for IHeartRadio’s Much Music Video Awards and a 24-date international tour.

RALPH first introduced herself in 2015 with “Trouble,” an effortless fusion of danceable, disco-inspired instrumentation and bitter-sweet pop sensibilities. Subsequent buzzy releases saw RALPH stretching into other genres, like the country-blues tinged “Young Heart Run Free” and the hip hop / pop crossover track “Girl Next Door” featuring fellow Canadian artist and rapper TOBi. RALPH’s hard to categorize, but counts Stevie Nicks, Donna Summer, Cher and Sade as influences and it comes through in her poetic lyricism.