Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly

As a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, and a solo artist currently residing in NYC, Peter Kelly has managed to make quite a name for himself! “I’ve developed an amazing group of people in my corner who support and encourage me in ways I couldn’t imagine.”

You may recognize Peter’s music from “Thanks Dad;” a finalist in the Tropfest Film Festival featuring his song Maybe. “It was a very proud moment,” Peter says. His producer, and band member, John Campos also shared in the moment as well as a crowd of 10,000 people.

As an independent artist, Peter would love to be picked up by a record label. “I would love the support and guidance of the right label,” he continues, “partnering with people who are in the business of promoting music could be a great thing…”

Peter, like many up and coming music artists, is still adjusting to the career side of things. “I want to be in a position where I can dedicate all my time and energy to writing and performing my music but that isn’t an easy thing to achieve.” He goes on to say that the amount of time, money & support of one’s fans is key in this industry.

So, we bet you want to know all about Peter’s new album! He tells us that he songs range from dark and introspective to bright and sparkly sing alongs, a pop/rock mix in and of itself. “My mind needs organization and structure and the pop format satisfies my OCD,” he comments. Fans of Peter Kelly won’t forget the impact of his EP Forever Again. “The main difference between the two [EP vs Album] is my state of my mind.” Peter mentions that during the production of Forever Again he was just coming out a relationship and feeling anxious about starting his career in music. For his new album, Don’t Let Me Be Alone, [title pending, but you saw it here first!] he was in the beginning of his new relationship and feeling much more confident in his musical direction. “This album is the best sonic representation of me as an artist and a person,” he continues, “My fans are going to really like what they hear.”


Be sure to keep an eye out for Peter Kelly’s new album on iTunes available in June!

“As an artist, there is nothing better than connecting with someone through your work… I can’t thank people enough for their enthusiasm and appreciation for what I do.” —Peter Kelly

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