Olloway releases “Haunted,” a single about falling in love with someone only to break your heart in the end. The single is the second to be released off of Olloway’s forthcoming debut EP, Haunted.

This is an electro-pop song that sounds like the infamous (and seemingly missing from the charts boy band Boys Like Girls). The track starts with basic piano chords that lead into a burst of electronic beats followed by the voices of Olloway. The song reflects on a love that initially felt like it was perfect, but takes an unexpected turn.

With the beginning lyrics, “You made me feel like I’m at home,” you can tell that the singer is truly in love with this person, “you showed me how it felt to love. / I didn’t believe you when you said had to go.” It’s here that the listener realizes the love fell apart, and unfortunately it was unexpected for one person in the relationship.

The title is truly reflected in the lyrics heading into the chorus, “I’m lost in memories…,” where the singer is reminiscing on old times, leading into the next verse, “…I’m living with your ghost,” where you can tell the singer is holding a grudge-like feeling of disappointment that the relationship is over.

“Haunted is a song about a relationship that ends abruptly. The song deals with themes of abandonment and the title “Haunted” refers to being “‘ghosted,'” comments Olloway.

Throughout the entire song, the listener is given the idea that the singer was never expecting things to end. We see in the chorus that the singer is trying to move on with the lyrics, “It was strange how you responded / take your time just how you wanted / ‘cause you won’t leave me haunted anymore.”

The instrumentals within the piece are simple. As noted in the beginning, the chords are simplistic and the rhythmic electro beat throughout, shadowed by distinct claps, help keep the listener’s attention without taking away from the lyrics.

“The song came together when Brett sang a chorus he had written over an instrumental track that Paul had presented in a writing session,” says Olloway.

Although the verse, “Hey I miss you…” is repeated throughout the song, you get the feeling that the singer is trying to put in 110% to get over this person because they know it’s toxic for them to care about someone who doesn’t care about them. We see this, again and again, in the line, “you won’t leave me haunted anymore.”

Olloway’s “Haunted” has managed to blend in with today’s chart-topping rhythmic beats, but stands out with their lyrics of heartbreak. It’s not often that you see an upbeat and catchy song when it comes to trying to get over and let go of someone who was once near and dear to your heart.

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