Canada-based pop artist Olivia Lunny is having a pivotal moment. Her infectious single “Think Of Me” made an international splash on April 17th, premiering on Billboard and nabbing playlists across streaming platforms including Spotifys Fresh Finds, TIDALs Rising Pop’and the cover of Amazon MusicsArtists To Watch 2020’ playlist.

She was then offered the incredible opportunity to join Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Michael Bublé, Sarah Mclauchlan, Tyler Shaw and other top Canadian talent on a charity cover of Lean On Meto raise funds for the Canadian Red Cross towards COVID19 relief efforts and initiatives.

With an incredible start to the year, Olivia has even more up her sleeve for her growing audience. Today she’s released her latest offering, “Bedsheets,” a delicate ballad of yearning while moving on. Teaming up again with her producer AJ Healey, the pair crafted the vulnerable, stripped-back tune while spending some time hibernating in the studio this past December. Her soft, velvety vocals cascade effortlessly over the acoustic guitar and minimalist percussion. 

Olivia comments, “…Once that idea was locked in, the song came to life quickly. Within a few hours the lyrics were finished and I was in the booth singing a scratch vocal. We ended up keeping that original take and paired it with minimal production which makes this song feel almost like a diary entry.”