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Noah Barlass bares it all: honesty, wit, and talent in his latest track, “Misunderstood,” premiering exclusively on Elicit Magazine today!

Noah Barlass is a bubbly bottle of honesty from Oklahoma. After many years as a young star and taking a much-needed break from show biz, Barlass is finally ready to jump back into the industry.

On his latest single, he bares a winning combination of both insecurity and wit: “I just wanna be successful / why is it so fuc*ing stressful?”

“There was so much going on when I wrote ‘Misunderstood.’ I think that shows in the lyrics that address many personal struggles. The song is very… human, in a sense that I think everyone has felt “misunderstood” at some point in their life.”

– Noah Barlass

Barlass started singing in church at the age of 5, and by just 15 he had recorded two albums and toured the world. 

After a brief break from music, Noah Barlass made his return to the spotlight on Fox’s singing competition, The Four: Battle for Stardom. He covered the song “The Middle” with a quirky spin, incorporating insanely complex vocal runs. The cover was praised by Zedd on Twitter later that week. When a judge asked on the show if he was ready to rock the stage, Barlass giggled a little and said “heck yeah.”

Now, Barlass is back to his original-music roots and ready to show off his vision and his heart.

“I have a catalog of songs I have recorded and want to release.. But I picked ‘Misunderstood’ because I wanted my first release to start things off introducing myself not only as an artist, but as a person.”

– Noah Barlass

One of Barlass’s most serious influences is Tori Kelly, and the similarities are unmistakable. There wasn’t a touch of edginess in Barlass’s cover of “The Middle,” just wholesome talent. Both artists share a friendly kind of persona and a penchant for bubbly runs. 

But, Barlass’s new song “Misunderstood” is not just an excuse to show off his excellent voice. Rather, “Misunderstood” deals with deep material in a funny, compelling way, never taking itself too seriously, but allowing for real depth.

“I started it with my two friends two years ago… It was one of those songs that kept evolving…”

– Noah Barlass

The singer later comments that “Misunderstood” only took two hours to write and was written by Noah, Sydney Maxine, and Brandon Meagher in Nashville, TN.

You’ll notice throughout the track that as soon as Barlass is at risk of being too dramatic, he steps right off the brakes, like when he sings “I just wanna make a difference / make some money / make a change.” It is the honesty here that keeps it fresh.

The song was actually recorded in Barlass’s home studio. The singer comments:

“It gives me the freedom to experiment and to take my time to take as many creative chances as I want. Basically… I’m a control freak”

– Noah Barlass

His voice is not shy at all, which is wonderful when juxtaposed with the meaning of the song. His lyrics reflect a complex psyche (“if you think I’m shady… falling short / trying not to be the way that you perceive”) and the soundscape is unusually ethereal, summoning visions of stained-glass windows and church choirs.

“I feel it addresses many issues: the stress of wanting to be successful, dealing with insecurities, wanting to be a good friend etc. I hope it helps people feel they aren’t alone in these struggles that can be overwhelming at times.”

– Noah Barlass

The outro of the piece adds texture to the song as a whole. We see a different side of the man we’ve just been introduced to, the one who is concerned with belonging and fitting in. Now we understand his duality: he is also worried about being a good friend, person, brother, son, boyfriend.

“The outro especially means a lot to me because I wrote that for my family and closest friends as a vow to love them as best I can.”

– Noah Barlass

Sonically, the outro is interesting too. There is a strong pause before this section and then some reverberating echoes: “don’t wanna be bitter / just wanna be better / brother to my sister and my brother / just wanna be a better friend / better son / better man.” Suddenly Barlass is easy, breezy, and humble. He is afraid of being misunderstood, and he wants to understand the people he loves.

“It’s crazy because writing that totally came as a surprise, as it was unplanned. I wanted to end the song being as vulnerable as I could in the moment.”

– Noah Barlass

The song is a relatable bop and so much fun to dance to (you can count on this: I’ve done it!). There could not be a better introduction to Noah Barlass as a person and as an artist. Check out Barlass’s latest track, “Misunderstood,” below.

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