Gilbert, AZ – Using the gifts of relevant songwriting, potent melodies and flawless harmonies, 24-year-old singer/songwriter Nikki Hayes manages to strike gold with latest single, “Gotta Go To Sleep.”

Produced by Denmark’s own Ole Bjórn Sørensen, “Gotta Go To Sleep” combines fresh hooks with punchy beats, going for a direct take on creativity.

From the opening verse:

“Pocket, pullin, Do you really wanna start some sh*t? Always assumin, no question asking…” through the hook, “You really tryin me, and I gotta go to sleep I’m weak, ‘cause it’s 2am ya toss and burnin’ me…” it’s hard-pressed to get those lyrics out of your head.

What makes Nikki special is the fact that her music comes from personal experiences and genuine emotions. “Gotta Go To Sleep” is a perfect example of what it means to balance intelligent songwriting and production, with incredibly appealing and smooth melodies.

Released June 26th, “Gotta Go To Sleep” is available on Spotify and all streaming platforms.

Listen to “Gotta Go To Sleep.”