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What if you looked past the astounding, sensational, yet all the while, progressive Pop-Art conceptualizations of LA based Alternative Pop producer and artist nicopop.? If you decide to, you’ll get to some really cool, depth-drenched, while delectably well done music on nicopop.’s latest Alternative Pop Single release, “Lover Lover” featuring Tyler Mann.   

nicopop. is for all intents and purposes a creative conglomerate of varying artists and their collective sounds, that have been productively assisted by way of the songwriter, producer, and visionary, Nicolas DiPietrantonio. He was born in New York, NY, but is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. He’s known for combining inspirational fuel for both his music and his art from top Pop-culture artists today. At the outset, nicopop. was sonically structuring Dance genre projects, but he’s now elongated into what I’d call more of an assured Alt. Pop presence with a relative miscellany of sound designs.

“If nothing else, ‘Lover Lover’ is really a testament to our working relationship. A couple years back we got together to write a track for a pretty prominent dance DJ, they ended up passing on the song which really ended up being a blessing in disguise,” says nicopop.

There are solace starved guitar string strums and an almost hypnotically “hone you in” note at the start of nicopop.’s “Lover Lover.” Tyler’s crooning takes you for a ride alongside nicopop.’s productive promotional support to aurally suspend lines like, “I’ve been trying to get over, / Got my hands up in a fist, / but I don’t wanna fight, / I’m afraid I’m getting older, / Too many voices in my head as I step into the night…” While the listener is getting the idea that something deep and substantial is probably going on in “Lover Lover,” the emotional captivation that typically accompanies a full fledged choir, is captured through Tyler’s vocals.

“The message of this song is really about perseverance and in a way our process of making it is a great example of that,” says nicopop. “If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Keep on keeping on you filthy mofos.”

With lyrics like, “Lover Lover, come lift me up / I’ve been trying to get away, / but I can’t seem to get enough. / Lover Lover, don’t let me jump, / Trying to call out your name, / but there’s still blood on my tongue.” This sort of “lost in love” gives of an enchantment type of vibe that is carried throughout the entire song from its commencing cultivation to its climatic conclusion.

“As songwriters we pitch so many tracks that never see the light of day and there was something about ‘Lover Lover’ that really resonated with us and our experience,” comments nicopop. “The track has changed so much throughout the years as we grew as songwriters/producers, we went through at least 7 versions of this song before we deciding to strip it down and rebuild it completely into the track we have today.”

“Lover Lover” by nicopop. is nothing short of one of the best complete songs I’ve heard in while. The songwriting is splendid, and the decor of the production is both cold yet cozy in a manner that nestles its listening experience comfortably in your earlobes again and again. The cool part about that, is that such stimulates the start of true appreciation for what’s innately going on with both nicopop. and “Lover Lover.”

What if Pop culture became recognized as more an experience versus a way of life? When you listen to “Lover Lover” and think about Pop culture, know that perception is indeed as creative as it is powerful. nicopop. seems to abstractly utilize Pop for something we may have forgotten about: art.

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