Swedish Singer-Songwriters Nea and SHY Martin Release Summery Dance-Pop Hit, “No Regrets”

Swedish Singer-Songwriters Nea and SHY Martin Release Summery Dance-Pop Hit, “No Regrets”

Written By Hailey Oppenlander

There’s a famous proverb that says, ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.’ 

The first time Nea and SHY Martin tried to shoot their music video, it ended up being the rainiest day in Sweden in 10 years. On their second attempt, they were met with a gorgeous golden hour on a drive through the Swedish countryside, a perfect visual for their carefree summer song, “No Regrets.” The dance-pop track brings an empowering message and breezy feel to a strong, entrancing dance beat.

“No Regrets” is the first collaboration between Nea and SHY Martin, although the two have been friends since their days at Musikmakarna, The Songwriters Academy of Sweden. Both artists are renowned songwriters with impressive resumes; SHY Martin has worked with names like The Chainsmokers, Kygo, Ellie Goulding, Bea Miller, and Bebe Rexha, while Nea has credits for artists including Zara Larsson, Felix Jaehn, Axwell and Tove Styrke.


With this songwriting background, both have established their own careers as artists. SHY Martin saw early success in 2016 on Mike Perry’s “The Ocean,” which she co-wrote and is featured on, and began releasing her own music the following year. Nea’s first debut single, “Some Say,” was the 13th most-played song on European radio in 2020. The two penned “No Regrets” alongside Victor Thell last year, continuing their records as unstoppable forces in Swedish pop music.

The track is quintessential dance-pop, with echoey vocals and an addicting, grooveable beat. The song starts simply, focusing on the melody without a flashy entrance. However, with the arrival of the floating phrase “don’t call me up,” the beats become more frequent in the background, moving the song forward. Like any good dance track, it continues to build to the chorus, which shines with a prominent driving rhythm and syncopated electronic sounds. The final result is a breezy, summery track with a youthful feel.

The lyrics match the overall feel of the song, sending an empowering message of doing what you want and not being brought down by another person. Nea and SHY Martin sing, “Don’t call it love / Because you’re bored and feeling lonely / Tonight I’ll be perfect on my own,” affirming that they can live life on their own and have a good time without relying on someone who will only drag them down. 

The sing-songy hook “only me, no regrets” doesn’t feel overdone, though it repeats multiple times in the track. The ad libs and harmonies provide texture throughout and keep listeners intrigued, and brilliant production choices (like the rising “aahs” after the second verse) bring excitement to the song. Nea and SHY Martin’s voices compliment each other well: both are light and airy, perfect for the summer vibe of the track.

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