Written by Ibrahim Abdullahi

Often times rappers will mix older hit songs and try to infuse it into today’s music scene. The latest artist to try something like this is rapper NBA YoungBoy. YoungBoy recently released a song titled “Dirty Iyanna,” which is a remix of Micheal Jackson’s 1987 hit, “Dirty Diana.” The record was produced by CashMoneyAP and is a heartbreak type song that focuses on YoungBoy’s ex. 

The heartbroken 20-year old lets it all out on this song opening up with instrumentals much like the original version. He perfectly uses the same tone as Micheal Jackson to carefully recreate a more trap rap type of combination. The beat for the song is also exactly the same, the only thing CashMoneyAP seems to have added to it was more bass. 

YoungBoy doesn’t usually mix songs together, especially classics; He is known more for his gruesome raps about his “gangster” lifestyle that he grew up in. Occasionally, Youngboy puts out something more soft and calming. 

This song has a backstory that the music video brings to life. If you didn’t know, YoungBoy was dating Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna until they broke up earlier this year. After their break up, Iyanna slashed the tires of YoungBoy’s Mercedes Benz car. To highlight this event, he raps about it in the song with lyrics like “Might have to cancel my cards, / Don’t come out after dark, / I see she won’t leave me ‘lone, /She sliced the tires on my car.” YoungBoy also raps about how he can’t stop thinking about her. It seems like YoungBoy misses Iyanna even though they are not good for each other. 

Mixing and trying new things can either go good or bad, for NBA YoungBoy, he seems to have done a good job with this classic spin. 

Listen to “Dirty Iyanna” here.