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It’s a vibe! Right? Music always carries a vibe. I was on a mission tonight to find out where I had been before I heard the upbeat Pop fused style of Myylo’s latest Pop release, “Jonesing.” 

Myylo is a new up & coming LGBT Pop singer and songwriter out of the “Music City” capital of the world, Nashville, Tennessee. Myriads of songwriters sojourn to Myylo’s neck of the woods, hoping for attention from a major record label deal. By the likes of a few of his mentors like Mike Posner and Babyface, who Myylo has spent some time workshopping with, he’s likely on his way to a major record label deal of his own.

Myylo’s crooning on “Jonesing” weans listeners in by way of harmonies to the liking of Magic!’s Natari Atweh, and Panic At The Disco’s Brendon Urie. If you’re into fused Pop music vibes, you’ll likely find something to sensualize about in Myylo’s latest single. “Jonesing” which seemingly displays his flare for blending both various live instruments and synthesizers, over his own real life inspired romantic riffs.

“Jonesing” is centered around a long distance relationship that Myylo admits, “fizzled out.” With pre-chorus lyrics like, “Baby I just want you in my bed, in my bed / When you aren’t here, I throw a fit, get upset,” reveals the hurt Myylo experiences with a long distance relationship. Myylo, like myself, seems to be what most would tout as a born romantic. “Jonesing” seems to circumvent around romance as it’s happening and after its already happened, exploring its remnants as they drift apart. The chorus lyrics, “I’m Jonesing, Jonesing,” assist in that exploration, as if to feel, see, hear, breathe something that’s no longer exists. To me this is where I feel Myylo’s brilliance as an artist really shines. Yes, this single whips together quite a whimsical whirlwind of sound design delight, but the pain and processing from painting a picture through words is something that stands out in this song.

“I decided to take a stab at the long-distance thing last year and for a while I was digging it: facetiming for hours, weeklong trips to each other’s cities, and even the drama and tension of being apart,” says Myylo. “But, at a certain part, I just kind of realized that things had to fizzle out. ‘Jonesing‘ is me processing that against an energetic and whimsical soundscape.”

At the end of the day, Myylo’s “Jonesing” is different than previously released tracks in regards to its approach, production, and presentation of who the singer proclaims to be as a human being. It’s different in its approach, production, and even in Myylo’s presentation of who the singer proclaims to be as a human being. In a day and age where the humdrum of what we’ve grown accustomed to sonically sears away at both our interest and acceptance, the varying eclectic extensions of Myylo’s digitally acoustic alchemy begs us to embrace change. At the very least we can dare to stay tuned to what Myylo does next.

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