Tel-Aviv based artist and producer Eshchar Nachmany (AKA MONAD) drops the visuals for “September”.

Along the celestial rhythms and pulsing synth patterns, dancers struggle against the clutches of uncertainty – finding both support and opposition within themselves and each other’s grip.

“The music video for ‘September’ was born out of necessity”, Esh details. “We had been supposed to film a music video for the song in Tel-Aviv when the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown came into full swing, completely stopping the production in its tracks. We had been thinking how to proceed with the video when I came across one of Simon, Maya and Audrey’s works and it caught my attention immediately.”

“There is a great deal of heart and sensitivity in the dancers’ movement and motion, and it struck a chord with me in a way I did not expect. I feel ‘September’ is in parts about alienation – from one’s sense of identity or feelings, but also about expectations – internal and external alike. I think it’s something that’s present also in the choreography and interpretation of the music presented in the video.”

Beginning his first musical project in an isolated house in the Moshav, Esh returned to nature for his sophomore project Dissolution – renting a small cabin not far from the sea to set up his studio.

Check out the official view for “September” here.