Rising NYC based duo mmeadows continue to move towards the release of their anticipated debut EP with the reveal a wondrous indie jam, This Way. Having gained the acclaim of the likes of Wonderland, PASTE and FLOOD already, This Way cements mmeadows as a new band to add to your ones to watch list for 2020.

Speaking on the release of This Way, mmeadows state: “This Way” is both a command and a question. The duality of such a phrase felt worth exploring, which is how this song came to be. The stark arrangement and instrumentation allows both heartache and resolution to ring through the couple oscillating chords, and creates a fine backdrop in which explore that muddy space where loving and hating intersect.” 

Featuring long term collaborators Kristin Slipp and Cole Kamen- Green, mmeadows’ unique sound is informed by their musical backgrounds. Kristin Slipp is a current member of indie darlings Dirty Projectors, while Cole has worked directly with Beyonce on two albums, ‘Beyonce’ and ‘Four’. Drawing from a wide array of influences taken from their experiences across the musical spectrum, mmeadows sees two people connect remarkable way.  Listen to the track HERE & WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.