Indie-pop/R&B outfit The Millennial Club’s “Coffee In The Morning”

LA-based quartet The Millennial Club specializes in the genre-blending space of modern indie-pop, ‘90s R&B, and melancholic synth-pop. Underneath their smooth pop exterior is a band displaying youthful exuberance through joyous pop hooks and tender ballads. The band’s songwriting focuses on emotive, thoughtful lyricism fueled by the uncertainties of love, broken hearts, and the beauty found in small, intimate moments often overlooked in today’s age. 


Today, The Millennial Club (TMC for short) shares their single “Coffee In The Morning.” The SoCal indie-pop/R&B endeavor places TMC’s songwriting in a new foreground—a mature exploration of the complexities of a relationship on the brink of extinction. On “Coffee In The Morning,” vocalist Andres Owens displays wisdom beyond his 23 years of life through his powerfully intimate lyricism which puts listeners directly into the relationship at stake. Featuring the cherubic guest vocals from newcomer Tori Romo, the lovelorn track has a unique perspective of providing listeners a rare two-sided look at a difficult relationship.

In TMC’s own words, they say this of their new song:


“‘Coffee In The Morning’ is about the post-honeymoon stage of a relationship. It’s the struggle of feeling like you’re no longer connected the way you once hoped to be; it’s a response to society’s way of making us feel like, ‘If you’re not happy, then move on.’ The song personifies the notion that there are two ways to go about struggle in a relationship: you can decide to walk away, or you can stick it out. The centerpiece of the song — ‘If it was easy, everyone would do it’ — is meant to affirm that everyone encounters hardships and ultimately, there’s reward in working through each other’s differences.”