Singer-songwriter and musician, Michael Garmany, has released his expressive genre-bending new single, “Still Missing.” Garmany draws from his own romantic experience to construct a smooth, laid-back track that incorporates the best elements of funk, R&B and psychedelic pop. “Still Missing” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

Garmany gets vulnerable with his own experiences on “Still Missing,” allowing listeners a small glimpse into the world of the singer-songwriter. While his lyrics are describing a rather gloomy time in his life, Garmany implements upbeat funk rhythms that make the track easy to dance to.

“The elements of funk & R&B came from my love for music that is easy to dance to because I love dancing. Disco/funk always feels the best to dance to for me. It’s the most fun, feel-good music to me and it is also really fun music to make,” he explains. This is evident from the funky bassline which isn’t seen in his other tracks.

“Still Missing” is a testament to his versatility and vocal dexterity; pulling from multiple genres and bringing those components together to create a timeless piece of music. “I would also say that all the music I haven’t released yet is just as diverse and that is intentional, because I get sick of things pretty quickly and I want each release to be refreshing. While they are all musically different, they all feel consistent and authentic to me,” explains Garmany.

Growing up in the Bay Area, Garmany was exposed to a wide variety of music including Social Distortion, The Clash, Bone Thugs, 2Pac; as a result the music he makes pays homage to a multitude of genres, creating the self-produced sound of Michael Garmany. At present, his sound is growing more similar to alt-pop. Like all of the music he creates, he aims to push the boundaries of typical pop music while keeping his signature sleek and cohesive production at the forefront of each release.

“Still Missing” delivers an infectious beat that will make anybody want to get up and dance or take a long drive down the California coast. Download or stream “Still Missing” now on digital platforms worldwide.