He’s back! After releasing his debut single, “Level Up” in 2017, Menny is back with an electro-infused dance beat “Wings,” showcasing love at its highest point.

At the beginning of “Wings” there is a slow and steady build up where the sound progressively gets louder. The listener can hear Sean Kingston in the background as he chimes in with his timeless, “Kingston!” and then “Menny!”

The beat then transitions into an electronic dance track as the lyrics hit and Menny sings, “I’m far from the ground / like a bird tried to fly / you take me so far / never get enough,” and then sets the mood for the rest of the song with lyrics, “It doesn’t matter where / I hope it never ends / nobody gets to me like your wings against me.”

“‘Wings’ was written at a time where I was in a long distance relationship and it was a tough time being apart, although, we spoke everyday and she had a charm in her voice that made me instantly better, lifting my spirits, this is where the comparison of flying high like a bird comes from,” Menny says. “I chose to call the song ‘Wings’ because I felt it was her strong wings that lifted me up in a time when we were apart.”

The chorus is a mix of Menny and Kingston shouting to the rooftops “Girl you give me Wings / Girl you give me Wings” and playing off of the idea that these wings make them feel alive with lyrics like “when I’m with you there’s no downtime.”

Unlike his previously released track, “Level Up” this song shows off the fun and carefree side of Menny; He’s in love with love and he doesn’t care who knows it!

Without further ado, here’s Menny’s “Wings” Ft. Sean Kingston.

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