Maxime Trippenbach, a.k.a. maxime., makes indie-pop music from his home in Ottawa, Canada. Released today is his new single + video ‘old fast’.

Its synths and guitars are lush; its production is colourful, quirky, distinctive, and the overall album project ‘whatevernowiscalled’ is one that sees Max address a number of personal subjects: (loss of) relationships, dating, anxiety, and more.

Champions of maxime.’s work to date include Lyrical Lemonade, Dummy, Clash MagazineIndie Shuffle, BIRP.FM, David Dean Burkhart, and Fashionably Early.

“I started the project right after a break-up and found it to be really cathartic to write about how I was feeling at the time, the music just followed,” says Max of the album.

He continues, “I wanted change in my life, and I reflected that a bit through the music I was making. Over the course of the album, I started getting more comfortable singing, and although the album is not in chronological order, it’s easy to hear in some of the tracks when I become a bit more confident. This past year has been a very exciting one for me. Lots of ups and lots of downs, but the music has always been an up or me. Something I always go back to when I get that sinking feeling in my chest. And then when I listen back to some songs, it’s a cool reminder to myself that I got over these things that at first felt like huge problems. Now I’m already really excited to get started on the next project.”