Critically acclaimed Nashville singer-songwriter and author, Mark Elliott released his new highly anticipated single Drunk for Nothin’, which is available now on all streaming & download platforms. “Drunk for Nothin'” illustrates the simple joys of life and reminds the listener you don’t need a reason for celebrating.

“It’s not always about celebrating or partying. It’s not always about chasing the blues away or healing a heartbreak. Sometimes it’s just about kicking your feet up, letting life be what it will be, and getting “Drunk for Nothin’.” – Mark Elliott

Elliott hits the nail on the head with this track that will surely hit the charts and help to establish his sound even more. A similar opening hook to “How Country Feels” by Randy Houser, “Drunk for Nothing” is a strong and tuneful track that could very well be the next sing along song for middle of the road country music lovers. His hardy voice is raspy enough to be considered sultry but also just smooth enough for slow dancing.

“Throwing one back for the hell of it… tonight i’m getting drunk for nothing,” this theme is known all too well in today’s contemporary country hits. But somehow, Mark Elliott spins and refreshes it to make the song more personal for country fans- the blue collar working class who drink beer after a hard day’s work. Elliott knows how to connect with his audience, which is why his music works so well.


Listen To “Drunk For Nothin”