Written by Ashley Friedman

Today, we are so excited to premiere the sultry new single “Lovin’ You” from singer / songwriter Lulise!

Her voice has a touch of Whitney Houston’s power, Mariah Carey’s softness and Sabrina Claudio’s sexiness. Like her previously released songs this year “Read My Hips,” and “Taken,” Lulise continues to bring a soulful, R&B vibe on “Lovin’ You.”

The beginning lyrics, “Stare at the rain on my window / I feel the tears coming soon,” set the tone for the song. It makes me think of that scene in a movie where the girl is watching the boy leave having just snuck up to her room in the middle of the night. In the girl’s heart, she knows she has a liking for the boy, but in her mind, she also knows that there is no substance to the relationship.

“’Lovin’ You’ is a heartbreaking R&B ballad about a relationship that does not lack in love, but falls short everywhere else.”

– Lulise

The verse, “You’re lying next to me / and I guess I’ve been lying too,” is a way of Lulise bringing to life that she knows something doesn’t feel right, but she has never addressed it completely. Then the lyrics, “Thought that love could be enough / for the both of us / but we know that just ain’t true,” really pulls through on expressing the overall theme of the song: You can love someone, but sometimes, that’s all it is, there’s no depth to the love.

The chorus, “Cause I can’t keep holding onto you and me / but it’s so hard to see / how I stop loving you, loving you, loving you…” completes the song perfectly, summing up the theme in one verse.

The instrumentation is very simple in “Lovin’ You” with the focus more on Lulise’s vocals; It’s meant to be an intimate song, so it makes sense. It almost reminds of a TLC beat with a funk-like, soul-driven vibe and a hint of R&B.

Listen to the official premiere of Lulise’s “Lovin’ You” below!

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