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Ever scroll through your iTunes library using the genre search as a muse? If you type in Hip Hop on my MacBook, Hip Hop Harry, a show about a colossal sized care bear that used Hip Hop as a means to stimulate the lives of the young people, pops up. For a split second, I thought, “there were some cool kids on that show, I wonder if they’re still making waves…” Well, one of them, named Lizzy Small is. Today, she’s making some laid back, lovesick,  ‘lonesomely-lit’ with a touch of Hip-Hop prosed phonics on her newest single, ‘Eden”. 

Lizzy Small is a Pop princess, meaning she’s auspiciously tiered in true triple threat transcendence. Throughout her music, she creatively avenues in varying lanes of Pop culture trilaterally singing, dancing, and acting. She began performing on the children’s show Hip Hop Harry, and she later moved on to holiday movies, music videos, and even a motion picture feature in “Spare Parts.”  While accommodating future acting roles in Hollywood, Lizzy Small has capaciously laced up an impressively assorted collection of songs including the newly released “Eden” that can that be streamed on Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube. 

“Eden” goes hand in hand alongside Lizzy’s enchanting while songstress-styled canticles of, “Just like honey in the hive / my Eden in disguise, / I feel young in this world so cruel. / My ray of joy and pride, like Christmas in July, / I’m in love with this feeling of you, / but I’m alone in this feeling for two…” The song continues on a bit like it’s going into an MTV Live Sesh, until it productively impassions an infectious head-nod by way of either a live drummer or a sample. That’s really where the fun begins in “Eden,” as Lizzy passionately ‘reds and blues’ about the melancholic magnificences of adornment.

“Eden is a journey between the romantic-daydream fantasy world of the ‘idea’ of love, contrasted with the stark reality that you don’t actually have it,” says Lizzy.

Lizzy Small is nothing short of poppin’ on her latest release “Eden”, and all of that is even before “it grows on you” (which is sure to happen). After taking into account that she has fostered a following way past her child star fame flames, you’ll begin to notice the sincere celebratory flare emitting from Lizzy, especially through, “Eden.”

Lowkey, she’s tri-talented, and it’s not always easy for those types of musicians to break out like so many seamlessly expect them to. However, if you check out her entire body of work (ie. her shows, movies, and music) you start to see what her Hip Hop Harry fans and family knew some time ago; she’s lit with an on fire future and those other triple threats ain’t got nothing on Lizzy Small.

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