LIV MARGARET has been collaborating with Nashville producer, TEO for her latest project. Instead of releasing an EP or Album, she has decided to release the project in a series of singles, set to be released throughout the summer and into the early fall.

This is a new marketing idea, following the trends of today’s streaming listeners, that tend to listen to singles more than anything else.

When LIV and TEO first started creating the songs, it was very difficult to pinpoint a particular genre, a home for the unique musical project that was being created. With influences from Electronic Pop, all the way to Jazz, Bossa Nova, and some loveable retro influences, one could see why the project was hard to label a genre.

One day, LIV came across the genre DREAMPOP on Spotify and instantly felt that her music was relatable to the genre.

DREAMPOP is an emerging genre that emerged from Alternative Rock and Alternative Pop. The genre is ethereal, “dreamy,” music with high, drifting vocals and sonic textures.

CONEY ISLAND (ACOUSTIC)” was the first to arrive to all platforms from the project. This single is the stripped down version of LIV’S previous release, “CONEY ISLAND.” The single includes a laid back, relaxed vibe, with fun Pop production combined with a scatting vocal in the drop.

Next single released was “OASIS.” The summer, chill, poolside vibe does fit the title of the song perfectly. Its airy textures make the listener feel the summer breeze of the palm trees. The busy baseline and the driving beat gives the song an irresistible groove.

“JUKEBOX” will follow “OASIS” on July 26, a very unique Pop song, with a surprising and fun drop. If you listen carefully, you can hear a couple of Duke Ellington samples throughout the track. The vintage influence is apparent in this song, but it surprisingly has a bluesy, almost R&B feel to the song. The Pop production mixed with these unique sounds, create a DREAMPOP track, unlike what you’ve heard before.

LIV MARGARET will be following “JUKEBOX” with two more singles, “KISS ME” and “MIND READER,” with possibly a third track in the fall. Be on the lookout.