Los Angeles artist and ambassador of creativity, Lauren LoGrasso, has released her music video for her debut single, “Road to Glory” today.  LoGrasso is a multi-faceted creative. She is a podcast host and producer, Singer/Songwriter, creativity/media expert, public speaker and an actress. She is currently the Executive Producer of Female Content for Cadence13 where she produces the shows such as Lauren Conrad: Asking for a Friend, Girlboss Radio, The Goop PodcastMeaningful Conversations with Maria Shriver and Yoga Girl: Conversations from the Heart. In addition to her work with Cadence 13, she independently produces and hosts her own podcast, Unleash Your Inner Creative, that has been featured on Apple Podcasts’ New and Noteworthy section over 37 times, is frequently in the top 200 charts in Arts and Self-Improvement, has a solid 5-star review and is one of Anchor.FM’s featured podcasts.


On Unleash Your Inner Creative Lauren partakes in powerful and meaningful conversations about life, creativity and redefining your relationship with fear, with noted guests such as Bando Co-Founder and CCO Jen Gotch, famed astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo, Summer House Star & noted podcaster, Hannah Berner, bestselling author and manifestation expert Gala Darling, The Buried Life’s Ben Nemtin, relationship expert Rachel DeAlto and multi-platinum selling artist and songwriter Greg Holden.

LoGrasso has spent has spent the past few years creating content that empowers listeners through telling other people’s stories and this year decided to take that brave step to tell her own story with the release of her debut single  “Road to Glory.” The video, like the song, is a metaphorical representation of Lauren’s journey into living a creative life. She moved to Los Angeles, unsuspecting, open-hearted and pure with stars in her eyes, and end up getting pulled through a number of threatening obstacles and villains. The video sees LoGrasso, at times, getting knocked down by her opponents, but continuing to get back up, and move forward, toward her “Road to Glory.”

There was an immense amount of attention paid to every detail in the video, and there is a meaning behind every element. For example, the vibrant colors used in the video each represent a different chakra (aka energy center) of the body. White is neutral/innocence, blue is communication/self-expression, green is heart/self-love, yellow is self-power and self-confidence and orange is creativity/healthy boundaries. “If you’re a Phoenix, then this is the video for you,” says LoGrasso. “If you’re a dreamer, then this is the video for you. If you’re a human, living with an open, beating heart, despite the darkness, then this is the video for you. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!”