Review by Jamie Glenn

Beyonce better move over because a new soul and R&B act is on her way up! Laurelle, a New York, R&B music artist with pop style influences of love and lust, brings soul to her lyrics along with a mix of fierce backdrops throughout her latest five-track EP, The Journey.

The opening and closing tracks “Speaking in Tongues” and “Alright” carry a similar futuristic psychedelic sound to them, something that is somewhat of a rarity in the R&B universe. The backdrops to these tracks may carry the same core when it comes to their sound, but the lyrics of each on of them, fall on different sides of the spectrum. “Speaking in Tongues” is more of a happy go lucky love track with lyrics like, “ Hey boy, won’t you tell me sit you down” or “You’re sendin’ chills runnin down my spine / run it back one time,” offers a more playful romantic lyrical delivery for listeners. Whereas in the track “Alright” we see a more real and somber track that carries a much more raw feeling to it, especially with moments like, “I’m doin alright, I’m not perfect but I’m doin just fine / I’m doin alright, no more tears to cry.” It’s in that verse that where listeners have a chance to connect with Laurelle on a more vulnerable level.

The track “Chill 5” offers a mix of speeded up lyrical delivery alongside a more soulful backdrop, staying true to the overall vibe of love echoed throughout this EP. With lyrics like, “How many times do I have to say / I want you and I love you every single day… / What else do you want me to do/ I ain’t tired of these games,” is where “Chill 5” comes through the strongest for listeners; proving that this track is much more than just a mid EP song, but a true representation of Laurelle continuing a stride that doesn’t let up.

With “Sucker For Love” we hear a much more intense side of love with moments like, “I’m a sucker for love / sucker for you” and “You’ll take me up then break me down / been spinnin’ all around,” showcases the high soulful vocal range of Laurelle. Within this song, the singer is full of range and experimentation with a sound that many in her genre have yet to reach. The opening sounds of this track set a dreamy serenade tone, but fall into a layer of drums that provide a sense of security for listeners to fall back on. When combined with the layers of subtle instrumentation alongside Laurelle’s strong vocal range, this is a track that sounds like it was meant for Laurelle.

Track two in this EP “All Eyes on You” is where Laurelle channels her inner Beyonce the most, especially when the chorus drops with “Everytime I look at you I can see the truth / your heart is a mirror I can see into” where Laurelle echos the deep vocal range we’ve heard Beyonce slay. This track is an instant jam from the moment the needle drops with its upbeat tempo and its catchy layered clap as a backdrop, the entire EP is great, but this track is gold through and through.

Laurelle is an artist you may not have on your current music radar, but she is someone that gives the current R&B acts in the scene a run for their money. With a pure soul-matched vocal range, Laurelle echoes the confidence of someone who we’ll see on the top of the charts soon enough.

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