Late July Releases New Music Video “Confetti”

Late July Releases New Music Video “Confetti”

Late July has released a new music video to accompany her single, “Confetti.” From an interest in songwriting to learning a vast variety of instruments, Late July has been creating music that brings together her past traumas and future hopes from a very young age. In this new music video, her lyrics of losing the need to care come to life on screen.

Watch “Confetti”

In “Confetti,” the audience is introduced to Late July sitting on the floor of a dark room, holding two lit firework sparklers. The camera cuts back to scenes of her laying on the ground with colorful confetti scattered around the floor and in her Instagram- famous hair. Inspired by a state of frantic emotion and a sense of impending doom, Late July’s layered, anthemic vocals fade out to an eventual black screen. The video comes to an end as the audience sees her running off a cliff through the snow-covered ground clutching sparklers. 

Late July, also known as Nicole Simone, began her singer/songwriter career after sustaining an injury during a traumatic accident as a child. Young Nicole was left with a crushed vocal box that left her vocal cords permanently damaged. Six weeks after the accident, she made the decision to take vocal lessons in order to partially restore her voice. Soon after, she became self-taught on several musical instruments such as the guitar and piano.


Although Late July’s music career began at an early age, she found her true sound in her 2017 EP, Marathon. Soon after she fell ill, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening adrenal disease that almost took her life. Music helped her cope with healing and living with a critical illness. Now embracing a diverse range of instruments, depth, and nostalgia from previous musical periods, Late July has released five singles this past year leaving a unique imprint with each release. 

Outside of music, Late July has dedicated her time to running Canada’s largest independent dog adoption and rescue agency, Redemption Paws. As a result of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, her organization became the first dog rescue in the world that focuses on dogs impacted by climate change and has now rescued over 1,000 dogs since the start. She continues to use her platform to shed light on these worldly issues of animal welfare and health initiatives.