Laederbraun is an Italian hard rock project that has its roots in the picturesque province of Lecco. The group was born from an idea of Simone Goretti (guitarist composer) flanked by the inseparable drummer Antonio Romano, who brings together around him some artists to give body to the whole. In fact, the entry of the little more than twenty years Isabella Conca, the bass of Gionata Montanelli and the cello of Michele Nasatti become part of the band.

Barracuda is an outrageous video, blunt and full of metaphors. The band tried to summarize “today’s rottenness” by paraphrasing it in a sort of metaphysical cannibalism.

“Today the world is full of false friends, people who want you out of the chorus, want to isolate you, to get rid of the bones, without limits, the daily news of people cheated, assaulted, even psychologically by good people which are actually wolves dressed in lamb,“ says the band.

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