Kris the $pirit is coming into his own. The young, prolific, headstrong rapper is ready to take over the Northern hip-hop scene. After building a name for himself over the past 5 years with beloved hip-hop duo The Posterz, the Montreal-based artist is finally gearing up to release some long-anticipated solo material. He will release his debut album Spirit Mode Vol.1  on May 30th via Make It Rain Records. You can preorder it now on all digital platforms. Today, the rapper unveils the music video for his first single Boy’s Krazy.

Watch and share Boy’s Krazy via YouTube. The song is also available online.

Directed by Léa Dumoulin, Boy’s Krazy is an introspective piece with a hypnotic beat. The video has a strong film aesthetic and features Kris in his element, riding through the city. Its vibe depicts how I feel about my city, isolated, tryna just get out. Get away from that feeling of going crazy, the rapper reflects. The song was co-produced by Kris the $pirit and Rob Mil like all the other ones on the album – except for Death & Rebirth and Fumble Remix, both produced by Jai Nitai Lotus.

Spirit Mode Vol.1  is one of two volumes all set to release this year. The lyrics are deep and inspired by Kris’ daily life. Each piece is full of references and vivid images with songs such as the impressive Death & Rebirth, the catchy LIVEURLYFE or the chopped & screwed Channel. The artist started working on his solo material two years ago.

I had nowhere to record so I built my own studio and found a producer,” Kris explains. “I just want people to hear all my different vibes. I’ve always been an artist. I’m ready to show people my work and my music, show what I’m capable of.

Don’t miss Kris the $pirit’s performance on June 9th at MURAL during the Make It Rain Records’ first-anniversary event. Tickets are available online.

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