London based rapper KJ is ready to offer the world his debut, Love Yourself. Wanting to be the voice for the masses of people that are unspoken for. The people with mental health problems, money problems, or drug problems, KJ channels this into his music and speaks about the things that others may not.

“I write about struggles, my parents, being addicted to drugs, staying on the streets, selling drugs, hurting people, being hurt, relationships, the way my brain operates, why I can’t get it right… I write about it all”, says KJ.

“Love Yourself” has a catchy bass drop, laced with KJ’s vocals it’s got a certain flow about it that you can’t help but nod your head as you listen. His verses are quick and his lyrics are addicting. The chorus of the song, “Baby you should and learn to love yourself some more / I know that shit sounds strong when it’s coming from me…” sets the overall vibe of the song — learning to love yourself as much as other people love you.

KJ started writing music as an outlet for his emotions, using music as therapy, his debut is a majestic trap release about seeing someone’s struggle in loving themselves, whilst you’re also struggling to love yourself.

Speaking on the release KJ says:

“I wrote the track about trying to explain to a girl that she needs to love herself more – which is hard to do when you don’t love yourself either.”

June 21st marks the release of KJ’s eagerly anticipated debut Love Yourself, it marks the first chapter in KJ’s unfolding musical journey. Love Yourself will be available on all digital streaming platforms.

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