Kero Kero Bonito are back. After the release of Time ‘n’ Place last year, the London-based bilingual art-pop band have a new EP titled Civilisation I which is available today everywhere. The songs are the band’s most ambitious work to date and were written, produced and recorded in the bedroom of KKB’s Gus Lobban. The EP explores themes from religion to the apocalypse as well as immediate threats like social division and climate change. Lobban explains “If Time ‘n’ Place was about mixing up adolescent nostalgia, contemporary millennial malaise and the daunting near future, Civilisation I blows up that timeline to cover the ancient past of primitive man (myths, cave art and tribalism), the large-scale situation facing humanity in 2019 and the distant future, when humans have been wiped from the face of Earth.”

Earlier this month they hinted at new music with the release of the epic song and video for “When The Fires Come.” Check out the song and video HERE