Written by Ashley Friedman

Karma: The sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. When it comes to love, karma is the silent revenge you want for the person that just broke your heart unexpectedly. Today, we’re taken on the journey of that heartbreak in Kensington Moore’s latest single “Karma,” as she brings to life the words so many of us wish we could say, but keep to ourselves with the belief that people will get what they deserve.

From the beginning, we’re hit with a simple set of piano chords. It takes a certain level of confidence for an artist to begin with such simplistic instrumentation because the focus immediately shifts to the vocals and lyricism. But, Kensington doesn’t disappoint as she strikes us with the starting, and ironically the ending verse, “I got my revenge / yeah, karmas been a bitch to you.” The line is said in an eery I got you type of way and as you continue to listen to the song, you would think that these lyrics come from a past experience, but Kensington tells Elicit…

“I wish I had some deep revenge rooted in this song’s story, but I don’t. I will say though, this song becomes more relatable for me on the daily. “Karma” literally just came out of nowhere. I laid the chords down in Logic and started recording random melodies and lyric ideas. And then it somehow turned into what it is today.”

Kensington Moore

As with previous releases, Kensington shines in an acoustic setting; She’s one of those artists that doesn’t need a crazy amount of background noise to bring a song to life; her voice is what makes a piece, always has and always will.

“I recorded ‘Karma’ as I wrote it! The demo vocals I recorded in my home studio from that very day are what ended up being used on the final version. I brought my rough piano/vocal demo into the studio with my co-producers Corey Britz and Travis Ference and they helped add a few colorful things to bring the song to life. But, the song is still overall pretty bare. We wanted to keep it as minimal as possible.”

Kensington Moore

Transitioning into the second half of the song, a drumbeat is added to the existing melody; it’s not the type that makes you want to rock and roll at a Kiss concert, but one that you can subtly nod your head to. It adds punch to the song as Kensington basks in the glory that finally someone got a taste of their own medicine.

“The old saying is true… karma’s a bitch. Be the good,” Kensington comments.

Get an exclusive first listen of Kensington’s “Karma” below!

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