Kat Saul Releases Flirty New Single “Middle Name”

Kat Saul Releases Flirty New Single “Middle Name”

Written by AZRIL 

Ya ever seen the movie starring Zac Efron called, “We Are Your Friends?” (Of course, Zac Efron has little to do with this, but he does do an undervalued job in that movie in case you were wondering). There’s a cool quote in that movie that reads, “The best part of anything, is the moment before it starts.” Keep that in mind as we introduce you to new artist, Kat Saul, destined for Pop success, and sanguinely Sia sounding. Her latest single, “Middle Name,” gives us all a chance to hear Kat before she mega-hits mainstream.    

Kat has got Music City’s next songwriting skills draped all over her. As a creative force of nature, she’s definitely right at the ripe edge of the voting age in years, but trust that such thoughts won’t dare to cross your mind when you hear her. “Middle Name,” mixed by Florence + The Machine’s, P!NK’s, and Moon Taxi’s studio impresario, John Rausch. She’s got an EPs worth of songs online that audiences can Spotify the day away to, along with a sonic surprise here and there via Soundcloud for the new fans who want to hear the evolution of this new Alt. Pop princess.

“I’m super happy to have “Middle Name” out in the world because it is a part of my life’s story and it bridges the gap between my previous releases and the EP to come on March 6th!” says Kat Saul.


Kat goes out a little more than a limb on “Middle Name,” yet it’s ornately orchestrated to leave ya hanging on for more. Her vocal presence here is about as top feminine Pop savvy as a newcomer can get. Kat proses professionally with the sonic stylings of an earthy fusion of Lorde, Sia, and Gwen Stefani. “Middle Name” holistically makes a unique departure from what appeared to be possible an Alt. Country creative-namesake for Ms. Saul after listening to her previous works. However, her expressive pace on this Lucas Arens produced track fervors with flares of honesty, idiosyncrasies, and a bare sense of expectations that is at times as dark as it is bangin’. 

With superb songwriting and first class sound design, Kat Saul’s “Middle Name” is a true jewel that stands alone by way of Saul’s shining artistry. She’s as empowering as she is charming with an almost Alanis Morissette type of swag. In this song, she is flirtatious in getting to know her new lover by getting on a middle name basis. Throughout the song, she plays with the idea of knowing all the basics about her new love. She flaunts the idea in a cunningly clever way in one of the first verses by asking, “Do you hold grudges, stay bitter like I do?”  Who has the empathetic strength to even phrase that? She’s tapping into the Ariana Grande stratosphere in that area, and the Pop masses will likely adore her for sheer bravery in her art.

To me, Kat is that uncomfortably honest type of girlfriend, that you know you’ve gotta hold on to. Any woman young or seasoned, creative or aspiring, who cares deeply enough to be this open is a treasure to be both held and upheld. We’ll all be on the on the lookout for what Kat Saul does next…

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