Justin Kemp Band Releases New Music Video For “Borrow A Kiss”

Justin Kemp Band Releases New Music Video For “Borrow A Kiss”

Justin Kemp Band’s newest music video for their single “Borrow A Kiss” captivated us and the visuals did not let us down either. The official music video for “Borrow A Kiss” is out now and available to watch via YouTube.

“The inspiration of the video was based off of the pickup lines and the lyrics of the song. I wanted it to be a cute and funny video that followed along with it, but was also entertaining.” – Justin Kemp

The music video paints the picture of just how small of a town this song is set in. In the middle of a nowhere town, a coffee shop on “Cheesy Street,” is the location of the sweetest and most innocent interaction. A beautiful young lady catches the eyes of a young man drinking his coffee.

With help from a cheesy pick up line book, he works up the courage to use some classic lines on this girl who decides to play hard to get. After many confident but failed attempts, he then shouts out his number leaving the ball in her court, which works in his favor in the end. Now, his coffee is a little sweeter, and the coffee shop gains another regular.


With Kemp’s warm strong vocals, beautiful violin lines with rich vibrato, and upbeat guitar chords, “Borrow A Kiss” is true classic country music. This cheesy love song is one that’ll make you smile, reminisce about the awkward beginning of any loving relationship, and inspire people to go for what they want.

It tells the story of a tender interaction that turns into love. Justin Kemp Band reminds us if we like someone to do something about it because you never know what could happen.

Watch The Official Video For “Borrow A Kiss”