Review by Giovanna Citro

Josie Dunne, 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Chicago, has recently released her latest single “Good Boys.”

“Good Boys” begins with upbeat instrumentals of the piano, ukulele, and guitar that lure the listener into the song. Josie’s vocals are both charismatic and upbeat as she engages the listener throughout the track. The entire song offers a fun play on her vocals and instrumentals.

“With my music, I always try to mesh the worlds of the Motown I grew up on and pop music that I love out now. I think with Good Boys, I wanted the track to feel groovy and funky because the song is so playful. I wanted the track to mirror that in a way,” says Josie.

The lyrics within “Good Boys” are both upbeat and cheerful and reminds us that the good guy should be held on a higher pedestal. One line reads “Everybody’s singing all the ladies chase the bad boys” Josie is trying to tell us that she may be one of the few who chases the good boys instead! In an interview with Stitched Sound Josie says, ‘“Good Boys” is a song about how the good guys should win more often.”’ Her lyrics tell us just that.

The line “Good boys do bad things to me” is giving us a sense of her views on the good boy versus the bad boy. In so many songs today we hear about the girls going after the “bad boy” or the boy who is wrong for her in every way. However, Josie is making it acceptable to go after the good boy instead.

Josie comments, “I got the idea for the song because I hadn’t heard a song that talked about good guys, and I’m not personally into “bad boys”. So we wanted to flip the stereotypically dreamy bad boy on its head and instead have me gushing over nice dudes!”

Josie’s music is shaped by the likes of Motown mixed with a pop-like feel. By blending the two genres together, Josie is able to form a smooth, fun and sound that grasps our attention within the first few seconds of “Good Boys.”

In this hit track, Josie brings together her love of brassy soul with contemporary pop energy and songcraft that keeps the listener engaged and leaves them wanting more.

Check out the official video for “Good Boys” here.

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