Pop Songstress Jordyn Tareaz Releases Her Second Single, “Can’t Talk”

September 23rd 2022 (Potomac, MD)- On September 23rd singer-songwriter Jordyn Tareaz released her 2nd single “Can’t Talk”. Listen to the freeing pop song HERE.

Fusing piano, hard hitting drum fills and psychedelic synths underneath Jordyn’s powerhouse vocals, “Can’t Talk” starts as an intimate ballad and transforms into a freeing pop song. 

Jordyn first teased the song while opening for WMG artist Maude Latour, back in February 2022 in Washington, DC venue Songbyrd Music House. It was an immediate crowd pleaser, and fans were even DMing Jordyn asking for the demo so that they could have something to listen to until the song’s official release.

“It’s not worth the pain or the stress/but you make it easy to forget/If I let you in my life again/it’s only gonna hurt when it ends”, Jordyn sings in the chorus. A stark contrast from Jordyn’s debut single, “Can’t Talk” reflects on the space between finding closure and still longing for someone, even though you know you shouldn’t.


The song was co-written with Lexi “Riese” Riesenberg  (She is Jules), a frequent collaborator of Jordyn’s. And produced by Kevin Cho, a friend of Jordyn’s since middle school.

When talking about the concept behind the song Jordyn says, “I’m a very independent person, and I’m not afraid to walk away when things aren’t right. But that doesn’t mean every goodbye comes easily. With each element of the song we worked to sonically reflect the ups, downs, and tumultuous journey of finding closure.”

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