Alternative hip-hop artist and producer, Johnny (From the Burbs) [Johnny Guagliardo] is back with his sophomore mixtape, ‘BRADENTON’ now available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Bandcamp!

The new release is an intimate and eclectic collection of tunes that explore a more lyrically-focused, production-driven and matured Johnny. Spanning just over 14 minutes of 5 self-produced tracks, BRADENTON is highlighted by aggressive and political songs that tackle shared issues on personal and international scales. From the vicious anthem ‘BASTARD’ that reflects on self-worth and personal doubt, to the closing track ‘ANTIDOTE // BRADENTON’ which delves into the on-going gun control debate in the US; the Western Sydney local begins to prove his own straight from the get-go on this mixtape.

Working with the likes of artists such as TIMBA (featured artist on ‘WINTER’), Blaine Stranger (mixing and mastering) and Tom Elliot (providing add. production and vocals on ‘BASTARD’), BRADENTON goes to show that Johnny (From the Burbs) does not necessarily follow what everybody else may be doing, but is instead more than content with writing, producing and recording music that constantly attempts to bring something new to an ever-expanding genre.

Last year saw the introduction of the Western Sydney native, with his string of singles and mixtape gaining positive response from the local scene. Guagliardo has been described as ‘the most chiller MC in Sydney” (HAPPY MAG), a welcoming remark made towards JFTB’s unique alternative hip-hop 8-track EP.


2018 is set to be a banner year for Johnny (From The Burbs), with Guagliardo blessing his cult following with another string of eclectic tunes. Brace yourself for BRADENTON.


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