Wagga singer-songwriter Joel William Harrison has just released the title track “Lucky Man” from his upcoming EP. The song’s roots date back to 1985, when the cult classic Back To The Future was released.

“It’s the first real memory I have of wanting to play the guitar,” Joel says. “Marty with that big, bright red Gibson, singing and playing, and bringing the house down at his parents’ high school prom.”

Fast forward two decades and Joel found himself on a flight home from Nashville reading Fox’s autobiography, ‘Always Looking Up’. At the end of the book lies a picture of Fox’s previous title, ‘Lucky Man’. That’s all it took for inspiration to strike and soon after the chorus of Lucky Man was written.

“The chorus came surprisingly easily with Michael’s help [laughs] and I shaped the rest of the song around that feeling you get when you realize all the little things in your life you can be grateful for and that make you a lucky man, or a lucky woman, or a lucky person,” Joel explains.

“Lucky Man” is an upbeat track with subtle nods to some of Joel’s musical influences, including Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Vance Joy and Van Morrison. It’s part of a four-track EP that was recorded in Joel’s hometown in 2019 with his long-time mate and mentor, producer/guitarist Dale Allison.

It’s not the first time the pair has worked together – they joined forces for Joel’s debut album, Thinking Over, Over Thinking. Following that release, Joel worked with Golden Guitar and ARIA Award-winning producers in Australia and Grammy-winning producers in Nashville to create his follow-up EP, Pofoco.

“It was refreshing to have the luxury of time with Lucky Man, working with a mate and having no time restraints,” Joel says. “I’m proud of each track on the EP and how each one sonically explores new areas of my life and my sound – I’m excited for people to hear them.”

Listen to Joel William Harrison’s single “Lucky Man” here.