Written By Ashley Friedman

Jerry Jacobs is back! After releasing two new singles this year, “Backroads In Backseats” and “Making Of A Memory,” Jacobs doesn’t fail to release what seems like a hit right from the get-go.

“This song happened in kind of a funny way. I was writing a completely different song with my friends Haley Mae Campbell and Mitchell Lee and we totally hit a wall. We went across the street to grab some coffee, and while in line we were discussing how we all grew up in South Carolina. We were actually picking on Haley cause she was born in New York and someone said ‘you’re only Kinda Carolina,’ and I said ‘THAT’S IT! Scratch the other song, that’s what we’re writing today.’ We went back and busted it out in an hour and a half!”

Jerry Jacobs

In “Kinda Carolina” Jerry brings attention to Southern Girls & their charm. We see this in lyrics like, “She’s the kind of girl / that talks sweet around her father / but shes got a little salt in her water / when the moon comes out.” Later in the song, Jerry also touches on that “down to earth,” almost “girl next door,” kind of vibe with lyrics like, “She’s kinda laid back / beautiful mind in a ball cap / monogram sticker and a six pack / everything about the girl reminds ya / she’s kinda Carolina.”

“This song is basically a shoutout to all of the amazing women from my hometown (Charleston, SC) and around the Carolinas. It has got a down home kind of vibe, but still has that rockin’ energy that I love!”

Jerry Jacobs

Jerry has a pop-feel to his music. I can’t help but compare Jacobs to someone like Thomas Rhett or Sam Hunt; His vocals are smooth, his lyricism is catchy and with “Kinda Carolina” in particular, he’s not afraid to experiment with that “big band” feel. When you listen to this song, you’ll see what I mean; We have everything from the guitar to the fiddle to the banjo.

“Instead of using studio musicians on the recording, I used my live band and we recorded it as a band in a room together. It was an awesome experience getting to work with the guys I play with every night in a studio setting, and you can hear that in the energy of the song. Shoutout to Bronze, Chuck, and Zan for killing it on this song and every single night onstage! This is also the first song I produced with up-and-coming Nashville producer Zach Manno (you will know his name very soon), who also produces Haley Mae Campbell and plays in her live band. We also feature Haley’s fiddle player (and my 3rd-ish cousin) Ryan Gilmore on the track, and Tim Galloway on banjo (killer Studio guy here in Nash).

Jerry Jacobs

If you have yet to check out Jerry, now is the time. His songs are solidly produced and his live performances — they speak for themselves. Needless to say, he sounds exactly like he does on his recordings and today, that’s pretty rare to find.

Jerry is celebrating the release of “Kinda Carolina” with a show at the famous Music Farm in Charleston, SC with his good friend Haley Mae Campbell this Saturday, August, 31st. If you have a chance to make it to this show, it will be worth it!

“What I love the most about this song is that it was done almost entirely in-house and created by some of my closest friends (and even a little family)!”

Jerry Jacobs

Listen to Jerry Jacobs “Kinda Carolina” below.

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