Written By Ashley Friedman

Today, we’re so pumped to premiere the music video for Jay Dref’s “Taxi In The Rain.” The latest single from is a love-sick song for any hopeless romantic and was written by Lauren Christy, Stephan Moccio and Denise Rich.

“Taxi in the Rain” is an incredibly written song that tells a beautiful love story. It’s about hope and never giving up on the one you love even if it means waiting 5 hours for a plane to arrive. I think what drew me in the most was the mood of the song, and its sentiment. As a New Yorker, I know what’s it’s like being stuck in traffic in the rain in a taxi. And now every time I see a taxi I the rain, literally, the songs pops in my head. I hope it will for others too.”

– Jay Dref

At first listen, you could easily mistake Jay Dref for someone like Josh Groban; His voice is so powerful and it seems to come so effortlessly to Jay. Lauren and Stephan caught on quick that Jay was the right person to sing the song. In a recent video that describes the making of “Taxi In The Rain,” Lauren and Stephan reveal that they had been waiting nearly five years for the right voice to come along.

“Getting that call to record [Taxi In The Rain] was definitely a dream come true. I remember I was in NYC on my way to get a cup of coffee and it was raining outside, and the phone rang with the news. I could not wait to get home and start learning it…  I’ll never forget that moment. 

– Jay Dref

Jay Dref is originally from Buffalo, NY, but has since moved to NYC to pursue his dream of being an up and coming music artist. “It’s a great place that I’ll always call home,” he says and gives recognition to his good friend Cheryl Meyers Buth who, in his words, “made all of this possible.” To record “Taxi In The Rain,” Jay had the opportunity to fly out to LA to a beautiful studio located in Santa Monica, California.

“I’ll never forget the first time running through [Taxi In The Rain] with Stephan at one of his many gorgeous pianos. We immediately connected musically, and I knew right away together we would nail this song… Lauren also coached me through the vocals, and brought out some of my best work. I loved her enthusiasm, and her energy. The overall experience working with them was life-changing and I’m so grateful… It all went so well that I actually worked with the two of them again on another song written by Lauren and Jordan Smith (The Voice) which will be released soon.

– Jay Dref

Keep in mind, this isn’t your typical music video, the visuals aren’t crazy; At no point do we see Jay running for a taxi in the rain. Rather, the music video is simple; Jay records on the mic and Stephan plays a grand piano in the background.

“I wanted to shoot a music video that was more focused on vocals versus visuals because a song like this leaves the visuals up to the listener’s imagination. I wanted to show the expression and the feeling that’s put into the song, and let listeners create their own visual story in their minds. I wanted to keep it simple with just me and a piano. I was also singing every note as it was being filmed, which makes it more real. The simplicity of it is what makes it so powerful. I’m very proud of the video and I hope people love it as much as I do.”

– Jay Dref

Watch Jay Dref’s Official Music Video For “Taxi In The Rain” Below!

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