Jason Maek

Ever since he started off as a musician on the road at the age of 15, Jason Maek has not stopped working his way up the music industry ladder since.

“I sold my first song in college,” he says, “From there I became a ghostwriter for a lot of artists.” He tells Elicit that he pushed himself to do music full-time, not just as a musician, but also as a businessman. After getting a job out of college branding various artists for both major and independent music labels, Jason soon decided that he wanted to be that record label.

Now, in 2014, Jason Sizer has co-founded Maek, the world’s first free record label. “I want [Maek] to close the bridge between free music for fans and artists making a career out of their craft.”

His inspirations vary from Kanye West all the way to Ray Charles, yet Jason admits that if he could do a duet with any artist, it would have to be Zaena. For those who are unaware, Zaena is part of the Maek label, “I’m bias,” he says candidly. With the help of some amazing producers, Jason’s lyrics are brought to life, “I want people to feel every lyric,” he says.


Recently, Jason performed at SXSW and promoted his debut EP, “Do Epic Shit,” set to be released within the month of March. He tells Elicit that it is an electro Hip-Hop EP that features two singles, “God Made All of Us,” and “Ew.” To this day, the two have received over 10,000 downloads and over 90,000 views on Vevo. “Ew” touches on the ugliness of racism, and “God Made All of Us,” speaks on the behalf of equality. Jason’s EP title speaks on behalf of his future career not only as a co-founder or director of the Maek label, but also as an artist himself.

Aside from his amazing video production skills, the ability to represent artists under a label that only cares about fans getting music they love for free, the name Maek speaks for itself. “Maek represents the creation of art,” Jason says, “No matter the genre or form just Maek it.”