Today, emerging R&B futurist and R&B’s “next crossover star” (HotNewHipHop) Jae Stephens releases her sparkling debut EP ‘f**k it i’ll do it myself.’ The self-released & self-produced six-track collection showcases an individualist spirit and peeks behind the curtain of one of the scenes newest voices as she stakes her claim as one of the genre’s most exciting up-and-comers.

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With a title like ‘f**k it i’ll do it myself’, one couldn’t expect Jae Stephens’ debut to be anything less than a powerful declaration of independence, one imbued with her trademark biting wit. The EP shows an artist with range, announcing herself to the world with a mix of empowering tracks (“Got It Like That”, “Girl No More”) and critiques of her generation (“2019”, “Hate LA”) while never once losing her charming relatability or sense of experimentation. With her smart lyrics and a soulful, elegant falsetto beyond her years Jae Stephens is the sound of R&B in 2019—get with the program or get the f**k out.