Jack Switch is proud to release his debut single “Ghost”, a spooky pop track with notes of funk, trap, and 50’s horror, available on all streaming services right now!

It was a dark and stormy night when Jack Switch conceived his debut pop single “Ghost.” He credits the classic video game Luigi’s Mansion for inspiring the funky pop tune. “My relationship was on the rocks because I had all this trauma I couldn’t talk about,” he explains. “I stayed up all night watching my roommate play Luigi’s Mansion because I didn’t want to be alone with my thoughts. The next morning, I came up with the chorus in a sleepless daze.”

Unconventional inspiration isn’t new to Jack Switch. With a background in fashion, marketing, and off-Broadway theatre, it’s been a winding path for Jack, who makes his debut on the pop scene with “Ghost”. But for Jack, his background is an asset, not a hindrance. “As an independent artist, I get to be in total control of the art I put out. I can have my hands in the fashion I wear, the videos I create, the performances I give. It’s like having a huge studio and team, all crammed into my tiny bedroom.”

“Ghost” is the first of several singles, all self-produced by Jack in his NYC bedroom-turned-studio during quarantine. “I think people will be surprised by all the sounds and genres I play within my songs,” Jack hopes. “My brain lives in a broken elevator—there’s music playing all the time and I have no idea where it’s gonna go next. I just hope everyone enjoys the ride.”

Listen to “Ghost” here.