London-based alternative-pop artist Ilja Alexander has released an effervescent electropop single called “Someday”. The single is accompanied by a visually pleasing, cinematically calming music video. “Someday” is off what Alexander calls a mini-album, which breaks normal systematic traditions but adds individual style and focused depth.

Nature is a fusion of pop, alternative rock, urban and dance elements, set to release late 2020. It’s Alexander’s most ambitious effort to date that will surely ignite empowerment in those who are listening. Alexander’s debut single was released in The Netherlands. It became increasingly popular in Indonesia and Japan, which led to his 2nd single becoming a #1 radio chart in Indonesia. 

Check out “Someday” on Youtube.  

The “Someday” music video captures red visuals which represents intimacy, sensuality and an imagined relationship that never took place. The atmosphere creates a romantic warmth between two lovers whilst the outside scenes show reality, tension and separation. The song is a timeless single about Alexander meeting the girl of his dreams after a night-out, only to realize it hasn’t happened yet. Alexander hopes to connect with those who are experiencing the same dreams but feel defeated. 

“I want people to feel happy and joyful while listening to the song. To visualise and dream a similar situation and to forget about negative and stressful thoughts,” Alexander says. “It’s a unique and feel-good take on finding love and balance.” 

Nature’s distinctive blends and sounds are intended to connect with the souls and hearts of his audience. These songs weave a tapestry of love, life, heartache, hope, redemption and enlightenment. This album was produced and co-written by multi-platinum artist Curtis Richardson (Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Joss Stone, John Legend, David Guetta, Hardwell, Tiesto, SHINee, Taemin, Kumi Koda), produced by Alexander and Adien Lewis (Taemin, SHINee, Girls Generation and NCT Dream), engineered by UK’s finest Matt Wiggins (Adele, U2, Foster The People, James Bay), and mastered by Randy Merrill (Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Adele, Ariana Grande, Imagine Dragons, Paul Mc Cartney).

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In 2010, Alexander was approached by various management teams in The Netherlands, Tokyo and Jakarta. Alexander’s worldwide impressions led him to release his debut solo project “Hold On To Her”, a collection of carefully composed orchestral love songs in English, Japanese, and even Indonesian, which went on to great success and resulted in touring Japan, Indonesia and Asia as a whole. Alexander recently signed to The Playground in London.

Listen to “Someday” here.