Officially announcing herself into the scene with the release of her debut single “Try To Love” back in March, North London singer-songwriter Honey Montazemi is growing more and more into her own as an artist and with her new release “Ride”, she demonstrates her creative flair and talent for producing visuals that tell captivating stories.


For her latest single “Ride”, Honey merges an atmospheric, guitar driven track that draws from classic folk and builds on every measure with a chilling vocal performance befitting for such a song. With her second self-directed piece, she channels pure horror movie style aesthetics with great attention to detail. The black and white visuals come laced with eerie symbolism, with crows, old furniture and Honey’s frightful stills sending spine-tingling shivers.

Speaking on the single, Honey shared “’Ride’ deals with the ways in which my feelings of abandonment in childhood effected my adult relationships. Something would end or someone would leave, and I’d find myself in a manic frenzy. I couldn’t let go. So I guess I’m releasing ‘Ride’ as a way of clearing out the residue of this damaging behavior. I’m staying out of the dark corners and walking towards the light.”

Describing herself first and foremost as a Poet, Honey takes insight from writers such as Emerson, Whitman, Bukowski and Ginsberg – calling them her life teachers and from whom she learned that her Art would be autobiographical. Not taking this notion lightly, Honey depicts the complications of life, and her battles with mental health, through disarming and brutal lyrics and melodies. 

Hailing from Tehran, Iran but a nomad of sorts in her early years, it has been in Honey’s words “a gift and a curse” but has ultimately served to shape her as a person and influence her art. Her diverse upbringing and exposure to life’s many different cultures has given her a plethora of stories to tell and she has cultivated a unique position in order to tell them.