Hazel English Returns With New Song & Video “Shaking”

Hazel English is excited to share her first new music since 2017, with the sixties-imbued leftfield-pop slink of “Shaking.” The Australian born, US-based musician made an almost perfect introduction with a double whammy of EP releases in the form of Just Give In and Never Going Home back in 2017. It was the sound of a young musician with an innate ear for melody and an eye for something bigger than the venues she was playing. Aurally, it was deliriously colourful old-school dream-pop that slinked and fizzed, hook-fronted and awash with tones and textures. Although there were tones of lo-fi scratchiness to those recordings, there was something much more stereophonic sounding in Hazel’s output.

“Shaking,” debuting today with a video directed by Erin S. Murray, side steps that shoegazey-fuzz and hits on something more direct and substantial. If the early EPs were painted with pastels, “Shaking” launches Hazel English’s return in glorious technicolor. It was written alongside Blake Stranathan and produced by LA’s Justin Raisen (Angel Olsen, Charli XCX). If Los Angeles, California is now Hazel’s adopted home, “Shaking” sounds like it’s got the Californian sunshine coursing through its veins on a drip. 

Watch the video for “Shaking” here
Or listen to the track here

There is a lot more I am trying to explore under the surface that I hope people notice.” Hazel explains in reference to the new track. “I feel like I’m on this continual journey of figuring out what I truly believe and separating it from the false and toxic ideas I was taught about myself and the world throughout my life. I hope I can inspire others to also search for their inners truth and find their own inner strength in the process.”